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ClubCompete is a simple app for managing internal club competitions. Lot of clubs have an internal competition in which it counts how many events a member has attended. With this app the coach, leader, administrator can easily register which members have attended an event.
Different event types can be created in order to give more or less points. There is always an updated ranking list of all members.
Good sorted selection options for members and event types help for fast registration. Members with highest ranking appear on top in the selection. Event types which are used most often appear on top. Each event has an event type, a date, an optional description and the club members.
Everything is based on a section and a period. Like this multiple sections/groups/sub-clubs can be managed with the same app. Periods are used to divide the data into different periods. For example a period for each year.
Club members and event types are per section. Events are per section and period.
The app can be used offline by itself or synchronized with an own database server.

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